Our past post took a cue from the fact that June is National Safety Month and began a list of ways to prevent some of the most common workplace injuries and accidents. This post continues that list, with some tips regarding work dangers that are not so tangible or visible to the naked eye.

Air awareness

The air we breathe is crucial to our health. Work areas, whether they are inside a corporate building or in the mess of a manhole, should be properly ventilated. Workers should have the proper gear to protect themselves from unventilated work areas.

Safeguards for summer

The summers in Alabama get hot. That might not make a huge difference in workers' lives who work inside an office, but there are plenty of workers who make their money working outside. Construction workers, for example, need to pay attention to the heat and humidity and have processes and safeguards in place to prevent work injuries such as exhaustion or overheating. Employers need to provide the rest time and safety measures to protect their workers from the heat.

Sick from stress

There is no doubt that work can be stressful. The level of stress might depend on the job, the specific individual and the economy. While stress can be a natural and normal part of life and work, when it gets to certain levels or goes on too long, it can literally make workers sick and unable to work. Employers can try to help prevent workers from becoming unhealthily stressed by creating an environment wherein workers feel free to discuss their stress and work concerns with their managers. Empathy can go a long way to create a more positive, happier work environment.

These last two posts about workplace safety just scratch the surface of the matter. There are many more work dangers that we haven't discussed that employers must understand and take the proper measures to prevent. Not taking the necessary steps to protect workers is not only wrong, but it can be against the law.

Source: EHS Today, "National Safety Month: 5 Tips for a Safer Work Force," Laura Walter, June 18, 2012