The Plight of Billionaires Looking For New Havens to Shield Assets


The Plight of Billionaires Looking For New

Havens to Shield Assets

by James F. McDonough, Jr. on July 30, 2013

In a recent article in Wealth Management, the author David de Jong and Robert Lafranco describe the difficulty billionaires face in providing a safe haven to shield assets.

For example, they point out the troubles of Dimitry Rybolovelev who is Russia’s 14th

richest person and is embroiled in a multi-jurisdiction divorce action with his wife. The

lawsuits provide a window into the offshore structures and secrecy jurisdictions that

billionaires use to manage, preserve or conceal their assets. A desirable offshore

jurisdiction has several characteristics. In the past, bank secrecy, nominee shareholders or bearer shares and no annual reporting were of primary importance in the selection process. Other desirable features include: (1) a low or no income tax; (2) taxing income earned within its borders; (3) a stable political environment; (4) adherence to the rule of law; (5) a strong banking sector; (6) access to income tax treaties if needed for business and investment; (7), little or no wealth (transfer) taxes; (8) and a flexible roster of entities, such as trusts, foundations, corporations, companies and partnerships.

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