The Time Is Now To Check Your Property Assessments


Now that early July has arrived, it’s time to check your current and proposed real property taxes at the county property appraiser’s website for the county in which your property is located.  By this time, most of the preliminary values for next year have been settled, and if you feel that your land is being over-assessed, now is the best time to talk to your property appraiser’s staff  -  before the value adjustment board season begins in late August.  It is often easier to negotiate an assessment reduction when the appraiser’s office staff are less busy with appeals.  If you cannot talk to a staff member before the property appraiser mails the Truth in Millage (TRIM) notices in August, then make sure to watch for and read your TRIM notice carefully when it arrives.  Carefully note the deadline for filing administrative appeals of the assessment and be sure not to miss filing any necessary petition to start an appeal. There are many considerations involved in the process of initiating and prosecuting a property tax appeal; if you would like to learn more about that process, please contact Raandi Morales of Trenam Kemker’s St. Petersburg office, who has extensive experience in this practice area.  She can be reached at 727-824-6200 or