The war against unoriginal, robotic and repetitive content


Most law firms understand that regular online activity helps with marketing efforts. But the formula for success can seem elusive, and frequent changes to search algorithms frustrate some firm’s efforts. Your ranking may bounce about unpredictably, making it difficult to determine what is working and what is not. It is clear that blogging and social media can be a force for good, but they may also backfire, harming your reputation among clients and peers.

Google claims to be waging a war against unoriginal, robotic and repetitive content. Over the past several years, the search engine has targeted and taken out one technique after another that it considers to be cheating or in some way unethical. Some of these changes have succeeded while others have been less effective, and adapting is challenging enough. You must also factor in the additional weight that is now being given to social cues such as likes, shares and retweets. In this environment, social networks are becoming harder and harder to ignore.

One concept that permeates many of Google’s updates is genuineness. More emphasis is being placed on originality and diversity of content. When you are thinking about how to shape your firm’s search marketing efforts, you should be aware of how the rules are changing... CONTINUE READING

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