Thirty-First International Symposium on Economic Crime, Cambridge, UK

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The resources that can be deployed in protecting the economy and institutions that face the threat of serious financial crime and abuse are many, and often involve the private sector. In many cases, those at risk are best placed to take preventive measures and assist in pursing criminals. In the complex world in which we live, the issues are not always straightforward and in some instances place additional legal and regulatory burdens on those institutions that mind other peoples' wealth and cause exposure to new and difficult risks.

The Thirty-First International Symposium on Economic Crime at Jesus College, Cambridge from September 1 through 8, 2013 will address the legal and practical problems of exposure, as well as a wide variety of topics relevant to the control of economic crime, worldwide.

As in previous years, the Symposium is expecting to provide over 1,000 participants from around the world a vehicle for those involved, at whatever level, in protecting the integrity of their institution or society. Additionally, participants will meet and explore with other attendees how more meaningful international understanding and cooperation may be fostered.

The Symposium is organized by a number of leading academic and research institutions around the world, including the University of Cambridge, with the support of numerous governments and international organizations on a non-profit making basis. 

Diaz Reus & Targ partner, Robert Targ, will deliver a paper focused on the role of financial intelligence in assisting in measures designed to disrupt serious criminal activity and collateral impact to innocent third parties.

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