Tools for Reallocating Money and Governance in Big Law-Part 1


Once upon a time it was thought the Tower of London had the best 'tools' for the task at hand. It is beginning to look like the keeper of that Tower could take a few lessons from law firms.

Here are the "Dungeon Master's Dozen" from the Tower of BigLaw that you can expect to be applied with increasing frequency, and force, to reallocate money and governance power within law firms as the unrelenting pressure of the Great Recession continues. Not all law firms employ them, and some tools do have a proper place. It is when they are good tools put to a bad purpose that the problems abound. Without getting into the evaluation of motives behind them, let’s take a look at the tools laid bare upon the table before the partners. (Part 1 of 2)

Republished with the permission of the Daily Journal Corp (Copyright 2013)

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