Training Programs in the U.S. for Doctors, Nurses and Administrators from China: It’s not just another Exchange Program


It seems simple. Use existing resources and talents at your university, medical school, or healthcare system to make more money, maybe a lot more money. No risk. Just a product extension.

Experience as an outside lawyer working on the first Sino-American joint venture for-profit hospital in the PRC and on this kind of training program has led me to believe that you could not be further from the truth.

It is true that your institution has something Chinese institutions with lots of cash eagerly want. They want it more than cash, more than patients, more than anything else in their world. You possess and can convey knowledge of western scientific medical practice and administration that can raise their institution’s healthcare standards to world-class levels. On a more seemingly superficial level, your brand name alone goes a long way in a society ruled by status and name recognition. This has real value in China, and Chinese institutions are willing to pay a high premium to be affiliated with your established American brand.

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