Traveling Court Reporters – International


Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking at the DRA Convention in Anaheim with the great Laura Brewer, past Intersteno speed champion and international CART provider. Our topic was “Court Reporters – Travelling Abroad.”

Here are my top 10 takeaways from the session:

1. Health – be proactive and take precautions so the day you are to perform, you are not ill. Laura advises, “Don’t work on transcripts on the plane (unless you have to). Use the time on the plane to sleep.” Take precautions when eating foods and drinking water in countries that have no filtering system. (Great Tip from Laura: When in a country that you ought not be drinking the water, put a wash cloth over bathroom water faucet to stop you from unconsciously wetting tooth brush.)

2. Bring two of everything. Some international reporters even bring two writers; but bring two of everything. I have a double-laptop computer bag that I can carry on. If you are forced to check your machine case, take your writer out and put it under the seat in front of you. I have heard of nothing but disaster stories from court reporters who have had to check their machines.

3. Checklist: Tomorrow prepare a list of items you will bring when you get the call to go international so it is easy to check off what you need, and you are not stressing out if you have got everything. Add to the list as new situations arise.

4. Swearing in witnesses: Get a written stipulation of counsel that the reporter can swear in the witness on an international assignment; or attorneys need to hire a notary/official from country that you are traveling to for swearing in the witness.

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