Head injuries and concussions are scary to experience because there is so much misinformation circulating about them. While you hope these injuries never happen to you or someone you care about, it is still important to educate yourself about them. You may have heard that the two leading causes of head injuries and concussions are car accidents and sports injuries. This much is true. However, you can rule out the following five myths:

  • In order for a head injury or concussion to occur, there must be a blow to the head. This is not true — the brain can still make contact with the skull even without a direct hit to the head.
  • It is completely false that concussions always result in a loss of consciousness.
  • If a serious head injury occurs, this is always evident on an MRI or CT scan. This is untrue, as even serious brain injuries don't always register on medical diagnostic equipment.
  • You can return to playing sports within one week on a concussion. Before you resume your normal routine, always get a doctor's clearance.
  • Symptoms of a concussion or head injury do not always show up right away, contrary to popular myths.

It is important in concussion and head injury cases not to let anyone else decide that you aren't really injured. This is especially true in situations where the injuries are not readily apparent. If another party caused your injuries, his or her insurance company may try to deny you benefits. You should not be surprised if the other party or an insurance agent claims that your injuries are not as severe as you claim.

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