UK: Government’s Culture Media and Sport Committee launches inquiry into online safety

The committee which reports to the UK Parliament on the activities of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport is seeking input on various aspects of online safety. This inquiry is part of the Government’s campaign to make the internet a safer place, particularly for children.

With trolling, cyber bullying and internet porn being current hot topics, the Culture, Media and Sport Committee (the “Committee”) is particularly interested in hearing about protecting children from adult content; filtering provocative and unsuitable content; and dealing with abusive and threatening comments on social media.

The Government is in the process of bringing the Online Safety Bill (published in May last year) into law. The Bill proposes to involve mobile phone operators and device manufactures in filtering inappropriate content. It had a second reading in the House of Lords in November last year and is next due to go to the Committee for a line by line examination.

Responses to the current inquiry will be accepted online from 27 August 2013 up to 30 September 2013.