Unauthorized Access of President Obama's Student Loan Data Ends in Computer Fraud Conviction


The proof at trial was wholly circumstantial, but, as the court found, was sufficient for the jury to convict. As the court explained, “the government introduced evidence establishing that on August 27, 2008, Teague's user ID accessed Obama's records, as well as the records of Marc Martin, Teague's nephew. Critically, Teague admitted to conducting the Marc Martin search. Furthermore, the government introduced testimony that there was no timeout between the Obama search and the Marc Martin search. Based on this cumulative evidence, the jury could reasonably conclude the Obama search, which was part of one continuous session with the Marc Martin search, was also conducted by Teague.” Id. at 1122. In affirming the conviction the court also relied on Teague’s trial testimony that “was not particularly credible” and her false exculpatory statements to Department of Education Agents. Id.

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