Uniform Docketing Statement Released


I was so preoccupied with last week's State Bar Annual Meeting that I overlooked a significant development relevant to Texas appellate practitioners: the release of a uniform docketing statement for the intermediate courts of appeals. View the official announcement here.

A docketing statement is an administrative tool used to collect and provide the court of appeals with information about your case. Filing one is not jurisdictional, but the appellate rules require it. Among other things, clerk's offices use the information to screen for jurisdictional defects.

If you've ever completed a docketing statement, you'll love the new form. Before, different courts of appeals utilized different forms that had to be downloaded from each court's website. Spacing and formatting were inconsistent, and overwriting a docketing statement from an earlier case didn't always work well.

The new uniform docketing statement is a clean, well-thought-out, fillable PDF. It is available in the forms section of each court's website (all of which are linked here). Take a peek to the right of this text for a sense of what the document looks like.  

Believe me, this is a big improvement over what we had before. Many thanks to the Office of Court Administration and the committee of appellate-court clerks who made this happen.