United States Supreme Court Victory for St. Louis-Based Monsanto


The U.S. Supreme Court, in a unanimous opinion, has held in favor of Monsanto on a patent infringement suit arising from the St. Louis-based company's Roundup Ready soybean seeds. Monsanto invented and patented a genetic modification that enables soybean plants so survive exposure to glyphosphate, which is the active ingredient in many herbicides. According to the opinion, Monsanto sells Roundup Ready soybean seeds to farmers through a special licensing agreement, which permits a grower to use the seeds in one and only one growing seasons and then consume the resulting crop or sell it as a commodity. The agreement prohibits the grower saving any of the harvested soybeans for replanting or supplying them to anyone else for replanting. This is because each harvested soybean produced from a Roundup Ready seed itself produces a new generation of Roundup Ready seed.

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