Updated Booklet: Illinois Condominium Property Act And Common Interest Community Association Act

In This Issue:

- Short title

- Definitions

- Applicability

- Submission of property

- Declaration--Contents

- Construction, interpretation, and validity of Condominium Instruments

- Plat to be recorded

- Recording--Effect

- Descriptions in deeds, etc.

- Partition of common elements prohibited

- Sharing of expenses--Lien for nonpayment

- Other liens; attachment and satisfaction; Board of Managers’ standing and capacity

- Other remedies

- Eminent domain proceedings; standing

- Eminent domain proceedings; notice

- Separate taxation

- Tax deeds

- Insurance

- Insurance risk pooling trusts

- Application of insurance proceeds to reconstruction

- Disposition of property where insurance proceeds are insufficient for reconstruction

- Disposition or removal of any portion of the property

- Street and utilities dedication

- Granting of easement for laying of cable television cable

- Granting of easement to a governmental body for protection against water damage or erosion

- Distressed condominium property

- Sale of property

- Removal from provisions of this Act

- Amendments to the declaration or bylaws

- Contents of bylaws

- Incorporation as not-for-profit corporation

- Administration of property prior to election of initial board of managers

- Unit Owners’ Association

- Powers and Duties of Board of Managers

- Master Associations

- Display of American flag or military flag

- Standards for community association managers

- Records of the association; availability for examination

- Exemption from rules of property

- Severability

- Full disclosure before sale

- Resales; disclosures; fees

- Resale approval

- Encroachments

- Deposits by Purchase

- Add-on Condominiums

- Transfer of Limited Common Elements

- Amendment of Condominium Instruments

- Alterations within Units

- Conversion condominiums; notice; recording

- Conversion of apartments

- Subdivision or combination of units

- Alternate dispute resolution; mediation; arbitration

- Excerpt from Definitions:

§ 2. Definitions. As used in this Act, unless the context otherwise requires:

(a) “Declaration” means the instrument by which the property is submitted to the provisions of this Act, as here-in after provided, and such declaration as from time to time amended.

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