The driver of the vehicle that had the front half of the car demolished was transported to a hospital, but there is at this time no further word on his or her injuries, status or identity. The parties in the other vehicle involved in this weekend accident were reportedly uninjured.

There are few details that have been released surrounding this frightening impact as the incident remains under investigation. Likely, authorities will look to investigate if there are any signs of negligence on behalf of either party in this accident. Investigating an accident by documenting damage, questioning witnesses and documenting injuries can prove critical to victims later down the road. Determining negligence can aid in assigning liability.

In similar instances in Alabama, when victims are seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident due to the negligence of another, the victim does have means available in which to pursue financial remuneration. A serious injury can radically alter an individual's quality of life, sometimes permanently. With these alterations often come serious medical expenses and emotional pain. In some instances, liable parties can be held responsible for compensating a victim for their suffering.

Source:, "Two vehicles get in serious wreck on Winchester Road in Huntsville (updated)," Jonathan Grass, Nov. 5, 2012

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