What Damages Am I Entitled To After A Serious Truck Accident?


There are many causes of truck accidents, but a 19-year-old man gave one of the strangest explanations: zombies. Jeremiah Hartline claimed he stole an 18-wheeler truck, with which he sideswiped several cars and caused a chain-reaction crash before it jackknifed and blocked all four lanes of traffic, because zombies were chasing him. He was believed to be under the influence of hallucinogens and injured seven people, two seriously.

While not every tractor-trailer accident involves a hijacked semi driven by a hallucinating teenager on the run from zombies, the drivers and passengers in the other vehicles usually suffer the worst, often catastrophic, injuries. They often must deal with them for the rest of their lives. Personal injury laws allow victims of accidents to receive damages for both material and emotional losses after an injury.

Injured victims may receive reimbursements to make up for the injuries, harms and losses caused by an accident. The two types of compensatory damages are:

  • Economic — Quantifiable loss, such as medical expenses, lost wages and property damage
  • Noneconomic — Immeasurable human loss, such as pain and suffering, emotional distress and loss of companionship, society and care

Victims may also be awarded damages meant to punish the defendant for acting fraudulently, maliciously or recklessly. It must be proven that he or she acted with gross negligence and disregard of the victim’s safety and rights.

Statutes of limitation create time limits as to how long you have to file a claim after the crash, and each state’s limit varies.

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