What Does “Hot Pursuit” Mean?


Hot Pursuit is a situation where law enforcement is actively chasing an individual suspected of a crime, and it provides an exception to the normal requirement that the police have a warrant to search you or your home. Hot pursuit is a type of exigent circumstance, which is a general category of circumstances under which officers do not need a warrant to conduct a search.

Some important points regarding “hot pursuit” include;

  • If officers are in hot pursuit of a suspect who flees to a house, the police may enter without a warrant, even where the underlying charge for which the officers are seeking arrest is only a misdemeanor. (Middletown v. Flinchum)
  • Unless a suspect consents to a search or exigent circumstances (like hot pursuit) are present, an arrest warrant does not authorize search of subject's home. A separate search warrant is required. (Steagald v. United States)
  • The Second District Court of Appeals decided a case regarding hot pursuit, a type of exigent circumstance, that provides law enforcement with an exception to the warrant requirement. The Court decided that officers may make a warrantless entry into a home while pursuing a suspect for any crime, as long as the pursuit begins in a public place. The decision is somewhat controversial, since it could lend itself to overreach, and may be reviewed by the Ohio Supreme Court in the future. (State v. Lam)

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