What is Securitization


Basic meaning of securitisation:

"Securitisation" in its widest sense implies every such process which converts a financial relation into a transaction.

History of evolution of finance, and corporate law, the latter being supportive for the former, is replete with instances where relations have been converted into transactions. In fact, this was the earliest, and by far unequalled, contribution of corporate law to the world of finance, viz., the ordinary share, which implies piecemeal ownership of the company. Ownership of a company is a relation, packaged as a transaction by the creation of the ordinary share. This earliest instance of securitisation was so instrumental in the growth of the corporate form of doing business, and hence, industrialisation, that someone rated the it as one of the two greatest inventions of the 19th century -the other one being the steam engine. That truly reflects the significance of the ordinary share, and if the same idea is extended, to the very concept of securitisation: it as important to the world of finance as motive power is to industry.

Other instances of securitisation of relationships are commercial paper, which securitises a trade debt.

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