One thing is for sure: driving without car insurance is a risky proposition. Whether you drive without auto insurance knowingly, or if you fail to realize that your coverage has lapsed, you should be prepared to face a fairly complicated ordeal. A minimum amount of car insurance is required, and there is no way to prevent the other driver from discovering that you don't have insurance.

Coverage for uninsured drivers

While it's true that many car insurance policies include riders that protect drivers against uninsured motorists, that doesn't mean that you will be off the hook. In many instances, you will at least be held responsible for the other driver's deductible. However, this is usually far from a clear-cut situation. How it actually unfolds is going to depend on who is actually at fault.

Who's at fault?

If you're driving without insurance and are to blame for a car accident, you will almost certainly have to pay the other driver's deductible. You may also face various charges. If the other driver is at fault, his insurance policy should technically cover everything. However, that's not always how things work. Never assume that your rights will be considered.

The importance of legal counsel

Whether you're at fault in an uninsured motorist accident or not, the only way to adequately protect your rights is by hiring a competent, experienced Georgia car accident attorney. Even if you're not at fault, you put yourself in serious jeopardy by attempting to handle the situation without a lawyer. The law is complex, but the attorneys at Tate Law group can help you navigate through this process.

To avoid this problem altogether, don't drive if you don't have insurance.