What to Do When the Tenant-Landlord Relationship Goes Bad


Many landlords and tenants manage to get along very well.  On occasion, however, misunderstanding and/or miscommunication can cause problems that jeopardize the relationship. In California, both parties have the responsibility to deal with each other in good faith. Even though you spoke to your tenant to resolve the complaint, your tenant has threatened to sue you. What should you do?

As the landlord, you have rights. Your tenant also has rights. Although the California Department of Consumer Affairs provides regularly updated publications concerning the responsibilities of landlords and tenants, understanding all of the nuances of the law can be challenging.

You should contact a knowledgeable California real estate attorney to handle this dispute with your tenant. You made a reasonable attempt to discuss the problem and offered what you considered a fair remedy. However, the situation is escalating and a mutual settlement appears to be out of the question.

An experienced real estate lawyer may be able to save you time and money in resolving this problem. The attorney can:

  • Meet with you to learn the details about the case and understand your position.
  • Discuss a potential course of action that may include an attempt to reach a negotiated settlement to resolve your tenant’s grievance before it goes to court.
  • Prepare a solid case to defend your rights if the matter does go to court.
  • Act as your advocate throughout the entire process.

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