Kidco Inc. issued a massive recall of their travel cribs after reports surfaced that the tent covering the crib can collapse, trapping infants inside. According to the report, nine complaints of children being trapped have been filed and sadly one infant died after being caught inside the device when it collapsed. The company began selling the cribs in 2005 and has sold 220,000 units since then. In an attempt to remedy the situation, the company has offered customers a complimentary repair kit, which they say can prevent collapse and allow continued safe use of the travel cribs.

Unfortunately, cases such as this seem to surface every few years. Readers may remember that 11 infants died due to defects in the manufacture of the Simplicity crib, which was recalled in 2009. Defective toys are another source of danger for babies, and parents are advised to periodically check the Baby Zone website, which regularly reports on dangerous products and manufacturer recalls.

If a defective toy, crib or other product has resulted in the injury or death of your child, you may be entitled to sue for compensation. It is important to document exactly what happened to your child and to contact a qualified product liability attorney who can help you pursue the case. During this holiday season especially, it is important to keep a close eye on new toys which your child may play with which are still untested.