Where Did My Wikipedia Go? Just the Facts on SOPA and PIPA By: Maria Crimi Speth and Ashley A. Marton


If you used to think that SOPA was a misspelling of soap, after January 18th, 2012 you know better. What is now being called, National SOPA Blackout Day, the internet was flooded with thousands of articles, hundreds of petitions and most chilling to many users - blocked websites. Wikipedia shut down its services for the day and Google’s home screen icon contained a censorship box that lead to even more petitions and articles. Over twenty high volume websites, ranging from Craigslist.com to Moveon.org, blacked out their websites. All this internet activity was done to protest two pieces of highly controversial legislation currently pending in the House and Senate: SOPA and PIPA. Amid this frenzy, it’s important to understand what these bills mean; and more importantly, how they can affect your business.

Although the SOPA and PIPA legislation is still being debated, if these bills are passed it would significantly change the current law dealing with internet piracy and copyright violations.

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