Those involved in serious car accidents who refuse medical care risk losing their rights should complications arise after the fact. According to the National Institutes of Health, injuries caused by a car accident, especially head, neck and spine injuries, may not be noticeable immediately following the accident.

It is possible to feel just fine after the accident and only later to experience symptoms. In fact, it is not unheard of for people to refuse medical care following a car accident and then die from their injuries after appearing to be perfectly fine and able to go home on their own.

Caution is always the best policy where your health is concerned. Go to the hospital If you are involved in a car accident, even if you think you feel okay. The adrenaline rush most people experience after an accident may mask serious injuries. Certain types of accidents, such as rear impact fender-benders, may do little damage to your vehicle, but can cause serious whiplash.

Aside from health concerns, it becomes much more difficult for your attorney to get you the compensation you deserve if you refuse medical care at the scene and later develop symptoms as a result of a car accident. The insurance company will immediately argue that your injuries are a result of some other trauma rather than the car accident since you appeared to be just fine following the incident.

If you do refuse medical treatment following a car accident and only later discover that you are experiencing symptoms, it is important to see your doctor right away. Document the symptoms as clearly as possible. An attorney at Tate Law Group can better assist you to get the compensation you deserve if you have such documentation available.