Worker Safety Under Review After UPS Plane Accident


Worker safety is under review after a serious UPS plane accident that occurred in Birmingham. The entire incident is under review, including the actions of the Alabama airport, air traffic controllers and UPS pilots. The accident was quite serious and killed two pilots, but it is not clear if a lack of worker safety caused the crash.

Authorities have recently obtained a copy of the audio transmission from the control tower leading up to the accident. The main runway of the Alabama airport was closed before the crash for maintenance. As a result, the large, heavy jet landed on the shorter runway and crashed into a hill, resulting in the two fatalities. A similar-sized jet landed on the runway just a few minutes before the crash.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is reviewing all evidence from the case. It is not evident exactly why the accident occurred, but it is known that the longer runway that was closed has a more modern guidance technology for landing large plans. As the jet approached the landing, audio evidence confirms that workers were scrambling to open the larger runway. It was actually scheduled to re-open about 15 minutes after the crash occurred.

The NTSB is investigating all aspects of the accident. If human error or a lack or worker safety caused the accident, it may be possible that the families of the deceased pilots could seek wrongful death compensation. Once it is determined what caused this tragic accident, it will become clear what options are available to the bereaved families.

Source: The Montgomery Advertiser, Airport tried to open main runway before UPS jet crash, Jay Reeves, Feb. 6, 2014