However, before things come to a devastating injury, there are things that employers and employees can do to increase workplace safety:

  • Having all employees involved in safety planning procedures can ensure that the proper plans are put in place. No one knows a job's dangers better than the employee that fulfills that job.
  • Planning for the catastrophic accidents is important, but it is equally important to train employees to avoid the more common workplace accidents. An example would be training employees on proper lifting techniques to avoid back injury.
  • Encouraging employees to report safety infractions will promote a safer environment.
  • Addressing safety guidelines each year is important because employees change and procedures change so it is important to ensure that all safety guidelines are current.

Full benefits are not automatic. Whatever the accident or injury, a victim may need to find an advocate that will fight on their behalf to obtain permanent disability benefits. Further if it is deemed the accident was the result of a third party's negligence, that party can also be held financially liable.

Source: Daily Monitor, "Top 10 workplace safety tips," Aug. 24, 2012