Workplace Accidents: 2 Alabama Men Trapped In A Hole, Injured


When working for a company, it is essential to be aware of potential hazards. Workers may receive training to handle workplace accidents, but sometimes the situation may be beyond a worker's control. In Alabama, two men came face to face with this obstacle.

The two Alabama men were trapped in a cave-like structure after a hole being dug by them collapsed beneath their feet. The first man rescued by the local fire department suffered serious injuries and had to be taken to an area hospital by helicopter. The second man was also injured and taken by ambulance to a local hospital. OSHA is currently conducting an investigation into the incident.

At any given time a worker can be injured on the job. Employers and employees alike may take as many precautions as possible, but accidents can still occur. Injuries stemming from these types of accidents can be as minor as a cut or as severe as losing a limb. Severe injuries can result in a permanent or temporary disability causing the injured worker to be out of work for an extended period of time.

Workplace accidents sometimes cause physical, mental and emotional injuries to employees, and the injured parties may need time and professional care to recover. Injured workers are eligible to file a workers' compensation claim which will help cover the cost of treatment and cover at least a portion of the worker's living expenses. If the victim does not know where to begin or wants to ensure accuracy in filing and pursuing a claim, seeking a professional familiar with workplace claims may be a good place to start.

Source:, "Both trapped workers rescued from cave-in near Hope Hull," Donna Wallace-King and JoBeth Davis, April 25, 2013