While a reported 2 million Americans, including employees in Alabama, will fall victim to violence in the workplace each year, there are some professions that are at a higher risk of encountering such an incident. Aside from the obvious -- including police officers and security guards -- some professions, including taxi driving, nursing, bartending, and cable television installing, are at an elevated risk for encountering violence through the course of their job.

In 2009, a reported 521 employees were killed nationally because of violence at work. This isn't to say that employees in Alabama are at an elevated risk of encountering violence because they are at work. Conversely, the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics report issued last year indicates that Americans are actually safest from encountering violence when they are at work. However, as previous stated, this does not mean that employees are immune to violence while at work.

When an Alabama worker is injured due to the nature of their line of work or because of an accident at work, their employer's insurance company is obligated to cover the injured employee's medical bills and lost wages. This means that workers injured due to violence encountered on the job could be covered in the event of injury.

Source: Minn Post, "Shooting at Accent Signage puts focus on workplace violence," Sharon Schmickle, Sept. 28, 2012