You Can Keep Your Car In Chapter 13 Bankrutpcy: Even If You Are Behind In Payments


Bankruptcy - Mailbox Full of BillsAre past due car payments keeping you up at night?  People considering bankruptcy are often behind on car payments by two to three months.  In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can keep your car even if the lender threatens repossession.  In some instances, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can require the lender to return a recently repossessed car to the debtor.  Keeping the car is possible because a Chapter 13 allows you to pay off the loan (and any past due payments) through your bankruptcy plan.  In some cases, a Chapter 13 can reduce the amount owing on the car to its “fair market value.”   In addition, the interest rate may be significantly reduced.

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Attorney Profile: Janet Spears, Bankruptcy Lawyer – Chapter 13