Second Annual Victim Compensation Fund Released: Future Focus


When the office of the Special Master of the Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) for those injured in the 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States issued its second annual report, it released information on its activities, the state of claims and its aims for the future. If you have a claim in the system, the future focus of the VCF is important. 

During the last two years, the office of the Special Master worked to create and then update the claims filing process for those injured or made ill by the terrorist attacks or their aftermath. 

A significant focus for the Special Master at this time and into the future is the continued streamlining of the claims process and ensuring potential claimants understand pending deadlines. 

Some of the challenges to the claims process include the following: 

  • Missing information on all sections of the claim forms continues to slow the assessment process. Many claimants have not yet provided necessary proof of their claim as required. 
  • The Special Master is contacting claimants, their attorneys or their representatives to obtain missing information necessary to determine eligibility and determine compensation. The VCF has also put in place agreements with public and private employers and other entities to gain access to necessary documentation to process victim claims. 
  • In the year to come, the VCF hopes to speed the review process and payments to claimants.