How to React After A Car Accident with An Uninsured Driver


According to an April 2011 report from the Insurance Research Council (IRC), nearly one in seven drivers across the United States is uninsured. “This trend in the percentage of uninsured motorists is an unfortunate consequence of the economic downturn,” said Elizabeth A. Sprinkel, senior vice president of the IRC. This results in drivers with insurance bearing the burden of paying for injuries caused by drivers’ not carrying insurance. In addition to uninsured drivers, many drivers also carry the state statutory minimum coverage limit ($20,000), which doesn’t cover much with today’s cost of healthcare. That situation is called underinsured – where the adverse driver is “underinsured” for the full amount of the injured party’s damages. In this case, the injured party also must rely on coverage from their own auto policy, for coverage over and above the limits of the adverse driver’s policy. After a car accident, an individual may be concerned in how to respond as they are trained to ask for insurance information.

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