A Checklist of what to do if you are named Executor or Trustee of an Estate


What are your responsibilities if appointed as Executor or Trustee of an Estate?

Why is this important?

If a family member or friend has named you as their Executor or Trustee, would you know what to do?

Unless you have been an Executor or Trustee before, it is difficult to know the first step to take or what needs to be done. Mistakes early in the process can cause problems and even personal liability to the Executor or Trustee.

What is the solution?

To educate the Executor or Trustee even before they come into my office, I have created a Checklist with vital information. This provides insight into the duties and responsibilities which must be followed.

What can I do with the Checklist?

If you are named as either the primary or contingent Executor or Successor Trustee, keep this Checklist in an easily accessible location. If the time comes, you will already have an understanding of your role and what needs to be done.

It may also be beneficial to send this to the people you have named as Executor or Trustee so they are aware of what needs to be done.

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