Law Business Revolution

This Is Not Your Father's Law Practice

Remember the law practice of your dreams? Did it include the constant worry of finding and engaging new clients? Starting over with a zero balance sheet every month and working yourself to death to market and manage your…more

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Do What Yourself?

By the time I sold my firm, I was doing very little of the day to day activities of the business myself, which meant I only had to work 2-3 days a week. Nice, right? Yes, very nice. But, there are some times and some…more

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What Drives You?

Take a moment and consider the following: 1. What drives me? 2. What is my purpose for being a lawyer? 3. What is my purpose in life? 4. Am I happy? 5. Why did I go to law school? 6. Am I making a difference in…more

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Do's and Don'ts of the Client Intake Process

In continuing our series on client engagement in this week’s Law Business Revolution Briefing Memorandum, we are covering how your intake process (or lack thereof) affects the number of prospects—and eventually paying…more

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Kick-start Your Creativity in 3 Simple Steps

Before I share with you my 3 simple steps to kickstart your creativity without making the trek to Burning Man, let me quickly make the case for why you must infuse your business with your creative juices. In the new…more

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It's Not The Economy, It's The Experience

The doom and gloom news about the economy has you convinced that the reason you are struggling is because of the downturn. And perhaps as a result, you’ve resigned yourself to less income, less profit, and less clients. Don’t…more

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The Dirtiest Word in the Legal Dictionary

Are you sick of working 15 hour days? I’ll show you how to STOP once and for all! As attorneys, we are all pretty much type-A perfectionists with control issues, right? While that personality has pushed us to excel, it…more

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Is Your Law Business Set Up Right

As lawyers, we advise our clients on how to keep their assets safe from lawsuits. And yet so many of us are like the cobblers kids who wear no shoes and have not set up our own business in the right way to protect our own…more

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Law Firm Marketing Action Plan: How to Get More Referrals in 2010

If you’ve been racking your brain about marketing your law firm and how to bring in more business from referral sources other than your clients in 2010, here’s my very best recommendation: Create a local marketing mastermind…more

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