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Cross-examining the Expert Witness – Part 5

In the four earlier articles of this series, I discussed the reasons why you need to cross-examine an expert witness, the four main advantages a trial lawyer has over an expert witness, and the four stages of general preparation…more
| Law Practice Products & Services

Part 4 - Specific Preparation in Cross-Examining the Expert Witness

In the three earlier articles of this series, I discussed the reasons why you need to cross-examine an expert witness, the four main advantages a trial lawyer has over an expert witness, and the four stages of general…more
| Civil Procedure, Personal Injury

General Preparation for Cross-Examining the Defense Expert

In the first part of this article series on the topic of how to prepare for cross examination of the defense expert witness, I discussed why an attorney would cross-examine a defense expert, and the advantages that expert has in…more
| Civil Procedure, Personal Injury

The Four Main Advantages of Trial Lawyer against Expert Witness

In the first part of this article series, I described the reasons that a trial attorney needs to cross-examine an expert witness. Against the expert witness defending his home territory, the trial lawyer has four main…more
| Civil Procedure, Personal Injury

Jury questions during civil trial are a valuable tool for attorneys

I recently read an article by Sarah Mui regarding whether judges should allow questions from jurors during a jury trial. The article brings up some interesting points. In the original Boston Globe article that Ms. Mui…more
| Civil Procedure

How to prepare to cross-examine an expert witness

Throughout my years as a trial attorney, I have found that one of the most challenging aspects of trial is cross-examining an expert witness. I’ve written an article series describing my experience and the methods I’ve used that…more
| Civil Procedure

Washington Supremes reject causation in stolen gun criminal case – Effect on civil and personal injury law?

A man keeps multiple loaded guns unsecured throughout his house which he shares with a girlfriend, who has periodic visits from her nine year old son. For two days the man does not notice that one of the loaded guns is missing…more
| Criminal Law, Personal Injury

Profits over People - Big Insurance finds another way to cash in on injured people

The latest investigative piece published in the News Tribune this week, entitled “MultiCare sues estate of boy killed in Tacoma Dome accident”, outlines a struggle that lawyers representing injured people in Washington State…more
| Personal Injury

Should you represent yourself? Avoiding risks and loopholes in personal injury claims

I recently read an article by Steven Gursten regarding the potential risks that people may expose themselves to when they choose to represent themselves, rather than hire an experienced personal injury attorney. …more
| Personal Injury

Approaching “The Ask” - How to help your client understand claim value

I just returned from the annual WSAJ convention in Skamania, Washington. Amongst a vast number of interesting talks, the issue of “making the ask” for money from a jury came up several times. In a discussion with a colleague…more
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Calling BS on scam that piles on huge fees for client medical records

One of my great frustrations in representing injured people is the cost of medical records, a cost which is ultimately passed on to the client.[1] In a recent blog post by attorney Max Kennerly of the Beasley Firm in…more
| Personal Injury

As the Oso landslide finger-pointing begins, Dean Brett recalls earlier cases where slides were caused by unsafe logging and government negligence

As the devastation of the Oso landslide becomes more apparent with each passing day and the disaster appears to clearly involve dangerous logging practices, attorney Dean Brett recalls similar landslides in the past where he…more
| Personal Injury

How to effectively demonstrate during cross examination that the defense expert is a prostitute

In 2011, I changed my practice dramatically. I became a partner in a personal injury law firm. My prior legal experience consisted primarily of family law cases with some criminal law cases sprinkled in here and there. I knew…more
| Civil Procedure, Personal Injury

Pre-litigation loans can be disastrous for your personal injury client!

I have been practicing law and handling personal injury claims in Seattle for 26 years. Recently, I have seen a huge upswing in advertising by predatory pre-litigation loan companies offering high-interest rate loans to injured…more
| Personal Injury

Another One Bites the Dust – U.S. Supreme Court Rules that ERISA Plans May Chase Funds Outside the Control of a Beneficiary

On November 12, the United States State Supreme Court denied cert in ACS Recovery Services, Inc., v. Griffin 723 F.3d 518 (5th Cir. 2013), preserving a 5th Circuit Court ruling which closed the door on another means of avoiding…more
| Civil Procedure, Labor & Employment Law, Finance & Banking, Personal Injury
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