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DUI: The $8,000 Ride Home

Drinking and driving is not only hazardous — it’s increasingly expensive. The average DUI costs around $10,000 after bail, fees, fines and insurance. And that’s only if you don’t hurt anyone or cause any damage…more

| Criminal Law

The Case of the Exploding Toilet and Premises Liability

Michel Pierre was knocked unconscious and received shrapnel wounds to his face, head, arms and legs after the toilet in his apartment exploded. A plumbing contractor was working on the water pressure earlier that day, and Pierre…more

| Personal Injury

The Basic Challenges of Medical Malpractice

We put our health and trust in doctors’ hands, most of whom are worthy of that awesome responsibility. But sometimes things go wrong when they shouldn’t have. When that happens, you or a loved one might discover you are the…more

| Professional Malpractice

A Huge Win for Your Right to Privacy!

On July 1st, Dana Brooks and Jimmy Fasig filed a complaint in the Northern District Federal Court asking the court to find unconstitutional a newly enacted Florida Statute that allows insurance companies and their attorneys to…more

| Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Privacy, Insurance, Professional...

Florida’s New Ban on Texting While Driving

In an effort to curb the dangerous but common activity of texting behind the wheel, Governor Rick Scott has signed SB 52 into law. Most states already have laws against texting while driving. The Federal Motor Carrier…more

| Administrative Law, Personal Injury

The Fatal Four Construction Site Accidents

Construction sites pose serious dangers for workers as well as those who are merely in the vicinity of the construction. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, almost 4,200 private industry workers were…more

| Personal Injury

The Complex Nature Of Third Party Premises Liability Claims

Imagine being robbed at gunpoint when walking from a hotel parking lot to the lobby. Then imagine finding out that several other patrons had been robbed there in the past. Generally speaking, premises owners owe a duty to…more

| Personal Injury

Study Shows Florida Teen Driver Deaths Decreased in 2012

Teenage drivers lack experience, which is a main reason they have high crash rates. In 2011, there were 14 teen driver deaths in Florida. The number of fatalities decreased to 5 in 2012. Five deaths, however, is still too high…more


Reaching Zero: Reducing Alcohol Related Deaths And Injury

Stiff legal penalties, public safety campaigns, interlock devices and roadside stops have worked to some extent in arresting the rate of alcohol-related injury. But it is not enough. Even one premature death resulting from…more

| Personal Injury

Automobile Insurance: What Do You Need?

The best time to understand your automobile insurance is before you need it. Anyone registering a car in Florida is required to carry insurance, so taking a hard look at what you must have, and what you should consider, is a…more

| Personal Injury

Medical Malpractice Claims: Not What You Think

The American legal system is legendary. Receive a minor injury in a car accident, settle for lots of money. The habitual use of the legal system to obtain big compensation for small injuries has sucked the medical system dry…more

| Personal Injury, Professional Malpractice

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