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Does a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (of the federal law) constitute a violation of the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act?

If you are facing a difficult creditor that you think you may have a claim against under the Fair Debt Collection Protection Act or Massachusetts law, then you will want to read this post! Name: George E…more

How will a creditor collect from me if I lost my case in Massachusetts?

If you have lost your case in Massachusetts and are facing collection, it is wise to read this post to have a better idea of what to expect!! Knowledge is power. Contact: George E. Bourguignon, Jr., Attorney at Law Phone:…more

Internet defamation lawyers in Massachusetts, what do they do?

If you have been defamed on the Internet or may have said something on-line that you regret, then you will want to read this post! Name: George E. Bourguignon, Jr., Attorney at Law Phone: (508) 769-1359 or (413)…more

Can I eliminate my tax debt in bankruptcy?

If you are burdened in tax debt and want a solution, or if you are considering bankruptcy and want to see if your tax debt can be eliminated by filing, then you will want to read this post! Contact: George E…more

What is a fraudulent transfer in Massachusetts?

If you are pursuing someone for a claim or are being pursued and you believe assets have been transferred or are thinking of transferring assets to avoid collection, or you are involved in a fraudulent transfer situation, you…more

With which court do I file my civil action, the Massachusetts Superior Court, the Massachusetts District Court, or the Small Claims Session?

If you have decided to file suit against someone in Massachusetts, the next step is to decide which court to file your case in. This is not as easy as it sounds and there are three different courts or "departments" to file the…more

I have been warned not to waive my attorney-client privilege during my civil lawsuit, what does that mean?

If you are in a lawsuit now or facing a lawsuit, either as a plaintiff or a defendant, you need to learn about the attorney-client privilege. To learn about this, you need to read this post! Name: George E…more

I am facing a motion for summary judgment in Massachusetts, what is it and what should I do?

If you are facing a motion for summary judgment or are handing your case pro se in Massachusetts, you will want to read this post! Contact: George E. Bourguignon, Jr., Attorney at Law Phone: (508) 769-1359 or…more

In defense of Judge Robert S. Murphy Jr.’s 11 June 2014 Order finding Iheanyi D. Okoroafor in contempt of court at the Belchertown District Court.

If you are facing collection of a debt that has been established, especially a court hearing to make you pay, you will want to read this post about the jailing of a 71 year old retired man for failure to pay $508.27. Contact;…more

Can I legally force a lender to take my house back by surrendering it in a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

If you are seeking to abandon property either without or with a bankruptcy, you will want to give this post a read! Contact: George E. Bourguignon, Jr., Esq. Phone: (508) 769-1359 or (413) 746-8008 Website:…more

A creditor in my chapter 13 case filed a claim, what should I do?

If you are in a chapter 13 and want to understand the claims process or you are not in bankruptcy and a creditor is attempting to collect a debt you believe is not owed, you will want to read this post! Contact: George…more

What is the statute of limitations for a slander/defamation claim in Massachusetts?

If you think you have a slander/libel/defamation claim in Massachusetts, especially if you are unsure of the wrongdoer, you will want to read this post! Contact: George E. Bourguignon, Jr., Atty at Law Phone: (508)…more

Can a settlement agreement be binding even though it is not in writing and contingent on future events?

If you are involved in negotiating a settlement agreement or are involved in litigation that might be settled soon and you want to be prepared, you should take a look at this post! Contact: George E. Bourguignon, Jr.,…more

Right to cure foreclosure defense under M.G.L. chapter 244 section 35A in Massachusetts, an update.

If you facing a foreclosure or are facing eviction after a foreclosure, you will want to know about this recent news and update on a major way litigants and attorney's have been undoing foreclosures and read this…more

My privacy rights in Massachusetts may have been violated; is the inappropriate release of my private/confidential information to one person enough to substantiate a valid claim?

In the event that your private/confidential/medical personal information has been released in Massachusetts without your consent, and you want to know if you have a claim and if the release must be to a certain number of people…more
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