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Board Cuts Patent Owners Time in Half to Stay on Schedule

In Reloaded Games, Inc. v. Parallel Networks, LLC, IPR2014-00950, Paper 9 (July 8, 2014), Petitioner filed a second petition for inter partes review covering claims for which trial was not instituted in its first petition for…more
| Civil Procedure, Intellectual Property

Board Allows Rare Motion for Additional Discovery

In a relatively rare grant of a Motion For Additional Discovery, in Atlanta Gas Light Co. v. Bennett Regulator Guards, Inc. (IPR2013-00453,, Paper 40), Patent Owner sought additional discovery pertaining to its contention that…more
| Civil Procedure, Intellectual Property

More Details, Details

Integrated Global Concepts, Inc. v. J2 Global, Inc., IPR2014-01027, Paper 4 (July 7, 2014), the Board granted the petition a filing date, but required the petition to fix the claim charts, which may not “include arguments,…more
| Civil Procedure, Intellectual Property

Instruction Not to Answer on Relevance Grounds Improper in IPR Depositions

iStock_000001758213XSmallIn Dynamic Drinkware v. National Graphics, IPR 2013-00131, Patent Owner’s counsel prevented Petitioner from questioning a witness by instructing the witness not to answer questions on the ground of…more
| Civil Procedure, Intellectual Property

Patent Owner Failed to Justify Joining Five IPR’s

In Ford Motor Co. v. Cruise Control Technologies LLC, IPR2014-0281, Paper 19, (July 2, 2014) the Board denied patent owner’s motion to join five proceedings U.S. Patent No. 6,324,463. The Board ducked the question of whether…more
| Civil Procedure, Intellectual Property

Some Observations on Observations

In Hayward Industries, Inc. v. Pentainer Water Pool and Spa, Inc., IPR2013-00285, Paper 31, IPR2013-00287, Paper 31 (July 3, 2014), the Board provided some guidance on observations on cross-examination, answering the question…more
| Civil Procedure, Intellectual Property

Inventor Testimony Irrelevant

In International Business Machines Corporation v.Intellectual Ventures II LLC, IPR2014-00180, Paper 22, (July 3, 2014), the Board denied petitioner’s request to file a transcript of the inventor’s testimony as supplemental…more
| Civil Procedure, Intellectual Property

Details, Details

In LG Electronics, Inc., v. NFC Technology LLC, IPR2014-00959 , Paper 3 (Julu 3. 2014), the Board granted the Petition a filing date, but pointed out that the font was incorrect and Petition failed to certifiy that the patent…more
| Civil Procedure, Intellectual Property

Patent Decisions on July 8, 2014

Final Written Decisions - Smith & Nephew, Inc.v. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, IPR2-14-00112 , Paper 21 (July 8, 2014), the Board terminated the proceeding in view of the Settment between the parties…more
| Intellectual Property

Prior Art “Patents and Printed Publications” Include the Patent Under Review

In Intri-Plex Technologies, Inc. v. Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Rencol Limited, IPR2014-00309, Paper 07/03/2014 19, the Board denied reconsideration that admitted prior art in the patent under review constituted “prior…more
| Civil Procedure, Intellectual Property

The Board Cannot Misapprehend or Overlooked an Argument Not Presented

In Rackspace US, Inc. v. PersonalWeb Technologies, LLC, IPR2014-00062, Paper (July 2, 2014) The Board denied rehearing of its decision not to institute an inter partes review of certain redundant grounds. In its request for…more
| Civil Procedure, Intellectual Property

A Party Needs Compelling Reasons for Discovery

Permobil, Inc. v. Pride Mobility Products Corporation, IPR2013-00407, Paper 43 (July 2, 2014), the Board denied the patent owner’s motion to compel production evidence of copying of the products embodying patent owner’s claims…more
| Civil Procedure, Intellectual Property

PTAB Grants Rare Motion for Reconsideration

In PNY Tech., Inc. v. Phison Elec. Corp., (IPR2013-00472, Paper 16), Patent Owner filed a request for rehearing of the Decision on Institution contesting the Board misinterpreted the governing law regarding inherency. To date,…more
| Civil Procedure, Intellectual Property

An Unsuccessful Reach for the STELARA, Written description of generic biomolecule claims

AbbVie owns US 6,914,128 (’128), which covers a variety of anti-IL12 monoclonal antibodies. AbbVie markets an anti-IL12 monoclonal (viz. Humira®) as a treatment for a variety of auto-immune disorders, including psoriasis…more
| Civil Procedure, Intellectual Property, Science, Computers, & Technology

Lost in the Translation: Deposing Translators

In NHK Seating of America, Inc. v. Lear Corporation, IPR2014-00115,Paper 27, (July 1, 2014), the patent owner objected to petitioner’s translation of one of the exhbiits, so the petitioner sought to file a new translation…more
| Civil Procedure, Intellectual Property
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