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International Trademark Registration

Is your brand expanding outside the U.S.? Do you need an international trademark registration? The process can confusing to say the least. Here are some basics you need to know…more

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Cheryl & Kyle discuss TOMS “One for One”

TOMS has extended its brand, and its brand voice, and taking its social conscious nature with it. TOMS has extended its brand reach from shoes to coffee with the launch of TOMS Roasting Company. Along for the ride, its One for…more

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Trademark Clearinghouse: ICANN as Big Brother?

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has brought another layer of complexity to protecting trademarks from being poached as part of a domain name. As of March 26 2013 trademark owners may now submit…more

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Namecoin cryptocurrency: Moveover Bitcoin!

Namecoin is a crypto-currency built on the same code as Bitcoin but with a different genesis block. Like Bitcoin, Namecoin can be used as a currency, althought it is mainly intended to be used as a decentralized domain name…more

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Genericide: A Silent Killer

Definition: A legal term for gentrification. The historical process whereby a brand name or trademark is transformed through popular usage into a common noun…more

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How To Get A Trademark Registration?

New brand owners often ask how to get a trademark registration. In the United States, you must sell goods or services in interstate commerce (across state lines) containing the trademark. In much of the rest of the world, use…more

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10 Things to Ask Before Hiring a Trademark Lawyer: Part 2

Hiring a trusted trademark lawyer to guide your brand protection can be daunting. The wrong choice can be costly. In Part 1, we explored the first five things to consider. In Part 2 we explore Nos. 5-10 to consider when…more

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Bitcoin CEO Indicted for Silk Road Laundering

Bitcoin CEO indicted! The U.S. Attorney for New York has issued a criminal indictment of two top officials of Bitcoin Exchange Company who are alleged to have participated in a scheme to launder bitcoins used in Silk Road Drug…more

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Prepare Your Brand for Sale

Part of my quest is to convey to business owners, particularly those of middle market and lower middle market companies, the tremendous opportunity to “build” proactively. Within this low organic growth environment, companies…more

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Keep Calm and Carry On

Trademark lawyers Bill Finkelstein and Cheryl Hodgson discuss the phenomenon of trying to register ubiquitous terms such. In these situations a number of people jump on the band wagon. Is the first to file the winner? “Keep Calm…more

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Search Trademarks Before You File

Before spending money on new packaging, marketing and advertising for that new brand name, it’s important to search trademarks that are already registered. How does one search trademarks to find out if yours is already…more

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How to Copyright a Name?

Clients new to the process of trademark registration sometimes ask first “how to copyright a name?” People confuse the terms trademark and copyrights, since patents trademark and copyrights were long ago lumped together by…more

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Duckhorn Sues Sutter Home over Duck Commander Wine Trademark

The webbed feet of the wine world are preparing for battle in the wine trademark infringement wars. Wine labels Duckhorn and Duck Commander are on the battlefield, as they square off over use of a duck and the word “duck” for…more

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Domain Availability – What You Need to Know

Domain names are much like a street address, only the identify the virtual location of your website and business. Domain name availability is best searched through a domain registrar, or directly through the Whois Lookup. …more

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10 Things to Ask Before Hiring a Trademark Lawyer: Part 1

For most people, finding and hiring the right attorney can be daunting. When it comes to identifying a trusted trademark lawyer to guide your brand in the global marketplace, the task can be even more daunting, and the wrong…more

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