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Four Good Reasons to Register Your Copyrights

You may have heard that copyrights arise automatically when you finish a creative work fixed in a tangible form, such as a book or other writing, picture, sculpture, musical recording, videotaped dance or other performance,…more

| Intellectual Property

How To Avoid a Loss of Patent Rights

Early publication, public use, or offering your invention for sale may jeopardize your patent rights in the United States and overseas. Learn about how these actions can trigger a loss of patent rights and how you can implement…more

| Intellectual Property

Five Good Reasons To Register Your Trademarks

If you are using a trademark in your business, for example a slogan, logo, or brand name used to identify your business or one of your product lines, it is best to register it with the Unites States Patent and Trademark Office…more

| Intellectual Property

Patentability Issues: The On-Sale Bar Explained

If you sold or offered your invention for sale before you filed a patent application, you may run afoul of the on-sale bar. Wait too long, and your patent rights will be lost. Learn all about when the on-sale bar applies and…more

| Intellectual Property

A Guide to the 6 Types of Patent Prior Art References

In order to cite a document against your patent application, the patent examiner must determine that the document qualifies as a reference under the statutory guidelines. Learn what references a patent examiner can use to…more

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