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Beware of Insurance Company Surveillance

If you are like me, it is really creepy to think that someone may be following you around, taking photographs and videotaping your activities without your knowledge or consent. Perhaps you are one of those people who senses…more

| Labor & Employment Law, Worker’s Compensation

Can You Sue a Co-Worker for Negligence Following an On-the-Job Injury?

The Georgia Supreme Court recently issued a very interesting decision about your right to sue a fellow employee for pain and suffering damages when the negligent act occurred at work and you are otherwise covered by workers…more

| Civil Remedies, Labor & Employment Law, Personal Injury, Worker’s...

Tainted Steroid Meningitis Outbreak – Are You at Risk?

You may be wondering if you need to worry about the multistate meningitis outbreak associated with tainted steroid vials produced by the New England Compounding Center. According to the CDC web site, the only facility in…more

| Personal Injury, Products Liability

Returning to Work on Light Duty – Proceed with Caution

I have previously written about the importance of never returning to light duty work without a WC-240a form completed by your doctor after being out and receiving temporary total disability benefits. The WC-240 and WC-240a will…more

| Labor & Employment Law, Worker’s Compensation

Post Injury Recorded Statements: A Trap for the Unwary

When you are injured on the job, the workers compensation claim that arises will be filed against both your employer and an insurance company. This is why, by the way, that I frequently refer to the “employer/insurer” on this…more

| Labor & Employment Law, Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation

Body Parts and Insurance Companies

I recently had a long and somewhat heated conversation with an insurance adjuster about body parts. Specifically, I wanted the adjuster to authorize medical treatment for my client’s neck and back , but the adjuster only wanted…more

| Worker’s Compensation

Double Standards Alive & Well at Insurance Companies

I am currently representing a client with a significant back injury who is currently treating with a posted panel doctor. The doctor in this case is well known to me and other claimant’s lawyers as a physician who very rarely…more

| Labor & Employment Law, Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation

Injuries that Occur on Your Way To or From Work

Georgia law is fairly well settled that an injury you incur while on your way to or from work is not a compensable injury. The policy behind this rules arises from concerns about the lack of control your employer would have…more

| Labor & Employment Law, Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation

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