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Staged Accidents – How To Determine If You’re A Victim

Auto accidents are all too common across the U.S. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s 2012 Quick Facts publication, the most recent year in which data was reported, there were 33,561 people killed…more

| Personal Injury

Third-Party Lawsuits For Worker Injuries In Illinois

Every year, many Illinois workers incur injuries that allow them to receive compensation under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. An employee is able to acquire benefits under this legislation regardless of whether the…more

| Labor & Employment Law, Personal Injury

Repetitive Injuries And Workers’ Compensation

A person does not have to have an accident or suffer some trauma in order to sustain an injury. There is a large group of medical conditions, known as repetitive injuries, which are the result of the wear and tear on the body…more

| Worker’s Compensation

Obtaining Workers’ Compensation For Occupational Diseases In Illinois

While workers’ compensation claims involving traumatic or repetitive injuries may be fairly straightforward, claims involving occupational diseases are often complicated. The Illinois Workers’ Occupational Diseases Act gives…more

| Labor & Employment Law, Wills, Trusts, & Estate Planning

Snakes On A Plane: Surprising Reasons Flying Is Dangerous

Flying is dangerous. It’s a fact that Hollywood directors are all to happy to remind us about as they fill movie screens with fiery crashes, midair explosions and some pretty creative catastrophes like, say, an entire airliner…more

| Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation

Is Your Job One Of The Most Dangerous In Illinois?

Although it’s a great place to live, Illinois can sometimes be a seriously dangerous place to work, and no one knows this better that our Illinois workers compensation lawyers. They fight every day to find justice for accident…more

| Worker’s Compensation

United Airlines Ground Workers Perform Dangerous Duties

Injuries are a fairly common occurrence among airline ground workers. According to the Flight Safety Foundation, approximately 27,000 accidents and incidents – one per 1,000 departures – occur every year worldwide, and about…more

| Worker’s Compensation

Airline Employees Need To Report Any Injuries Immediately

It is not an uncommon experience for an injury that seems minor to gradually worsen over the course of a couple of hours or even a few days. However, in the case of a San Francisco pilot or flight attendant, this fairly common…more

| Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation

When An Airline Employee Is Injured By A Co-Worker

On occasion, as with any large industry, an United Airlines employee is injured by a co-worker during work. One incident, reported by New Jersey’s Star-Ledger on January 20, 2013, resulted in serious injury to an airline worker,…more

| Personal Injury

Do I Need A Lawyer For My Social Security Disability Claim?

This is a question we receive quite frequently. The Social Security Administration does not require you to have an attorney represent you. In fact, you can represent yourself. However, many claimants find using an attorney to be…more

| Administrative Law

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