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USTPO – When a Deposition Transcript has an Error, What Do You Do?

While reading the rules of the United States Patent and Trademark Office regarding depositions, I came across 37 CFR 2.125(b) and was very surprised to read that if there are typographical or spelling errors in a deposition…more
| Civil Procedure, Intellectual Property

USPTO – Great Information for Court Reporters and Attorneys – Swearing in a Witness

As court reporters in the patent and trademark litigation world, we are often asked to report depositions in foreign countries. One of the requests that frequently comes up is, who is going to swear in the witness? Certain…more
| Civil Procedure, Intellectual Property, International Law & Trade

Court Reporters and Codes, Rules, and Geographic Stipulations – We Have to Know It All

Court reporters don’t have the luxury of assuming different states and regions all operate in the same way or have the same rules and laws that apply. When reporting a deposition in a matter that is in a jurisdiction that is not…more
| Civil Procedure

Court Reporters and Legal Videographers – Beware of Address Searches on the Internet

Filling out an appearance page for a deposition or court transcript takes time and concentration. Everything has to be correct. Getting an attorney’s card is the best way to ensure you have the correct information, but as…more
| Civil Procedure, Law Practice Products & Services

Court Reporters Need Strong Passwords

My bank recently sent me a document with “Techniques for creating strong passwords.” Reading through it my first thought was, “This would be great information for my colleagues.” Court reporters protect private, sensitive…more
| Law Practice Products & Services, Privacy, Science, Computers, & Technology

Court Reporters – Tips To Keeping Your Identity Secure

Court reporters, like everyone else on the planet, want to keep their identity secure. Here are eight tips. My next blog will be tips on creating strong passwords. - Keep your personal information safe and confidential…more
| Law Practice Products & Services, Privacy

Court Reporters, Transcriptionists – Tips for Transcribing Audio Files

From the beginning of time, the world has been in need of transcripts. Cavemen drew on cave walls trying to capture the events of their time. Egyptian Pharos had scribes that wrote on papyrus their thoughts, edicts, and ideas…more
| Law Practice Products & Services

Court Reporters – Suggestions on When and How to Interrupt

Court reporters have the job of writing down everything anyone says in a legal proceeding while on the record. How a court reporter is able to write down anything anyone says is by writing everything phonetically. Therefore,…more
| Law Practice Products & Services

My Nine Tips to Pass the California Certified Shorthand Reporter Speed Test

The experts say that if you experience an event with emotion, you will remember that event forever. Taking the California Certified Shorthand Reporter speed test was an event I will never forget. I took the test in May of 1981…more
| Law Practice Products & Services

Court Reporters and Legal Videographers – On and Off the Record – Federal Rules v. CA CCP

Court reporters and legal videographers need to know when to be on and off the record. The first thing the court reporter needs to know is what jurisdiction the deposition they are reporting falls under. Is it a California…more
| Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Civil Procedure

Court Reporters And Legal Videographers – Outsourcing The Transcription Of Transcripts Offshore

Scrolling down through the stories in a court reporting industry Facebook page, I came across some dialogue between court reporters about depositions being offered at an extremely low cost with the use of only audio being used…more
| Civil Procedure, Privacy

Freelance Court Reporters in Court

When I began my court reporting career in 1981, I was interning in criminal court and found myself face to face with alleged murderers, rapists, and angry people. One day I cried in front of a jury feeling empathetic towards a…more
| Law Practice Products & Services

Rosalie’s Perfect So Cal Stip – Re: California Code Of Civil Procedure 2025.520

For a witness that is represented by counsel: We will stipulate that the court reporter may be relieved of her duties under the code; that she will forward the original transcript to witness’ counsel for reading/signing;…more
| Civil Procedure

Court Reporters, Attorneys, and Interpreters – Best Practices

Court Reporters: When working with interpreters, court reporters have certain added responsibilities, and there are best practices that a court reporter can adopt to be more efficient. The first duty the court reporter has is…more
| Civil Procedure

Great Court Reporters = Impeccability

I attended the STAR conference in Washington DC this month, and one of the speakers was Steve Dorfman who spoke on impeccability as it pertains to court reporters. Impeccability is defined, “An expression of the highest levels…more
| Law Practice Products & Services
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