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Visualizing Employment by Law School, Part II

A useful plot for examining multiple measures over a range of a continuous predictor is a shaded area plot. These are especially valuable for compositional data (data on multiple categories that always add up to 100 percent),…more
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Visualizing Employment By Law School, Part I

One of the challenges faced by contemporary organizations is making sense of large amounts of complex data. Visualization methods – plots, graphs, animations, and interactive displays – can be one of the best ways to make data…more
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Abandon Random Acts of Interviewing — A Structured Process Is Worth the Effort

Law firms across the country once again are visiting law school campuses to interview students for much sought after summer associate or entry-level positions. A lot of time and effort will be devoted to this process, and yet,…more
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Want More Clients? Motivate Your Team.

To understand what factors promote successful client development, or “rainmaking,” it makes sense to start with the individual behaviors that distinguish Rainmakers (RMs) from Client Service Partners (CSPs). In a recent article,…more
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The Diamond Law Firm - A New Model or the Pyramid Unraveling?

The days of the highly leveraged partner-associate pyramid model appear to be coming to a close. Although this may surprise many industry insiders (it surprised us), traditional associate leverage– defined as a simple ratio of…more
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Want to Make it Rain? Take Risks.

Law firms need lawyers who can expand existing client relationships and grow their own and their firm’s book of business. Using social science methodology, Lawyer Metrics has identified a broad “Rainmaker Profile” that captures…more
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