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Planes, Trains and ...... Spacecraft?

At one time only a select few people had the privilege of going into space. It required extensive training and you had to be either an astronaut or a cosmonaut. In the years following that, the Russian Government sought to…more

| Transportation

Transaction Letters of Intent

If you are selling or purchasing a business, the first document that is likely to be involved is a letter of intent. This is a document that sets out in brief terms the agreement of the parties on the key business terms of the…more

| Commercial Law & Contracts

Assigning Contracts: Making Sure Third Parties Know Who You Are

A conveyance of commercial real estate involves the same basic principles as the conveyance of residential real estate. Despite the agreements being for a larger value, closing dates, title searches, requisitions, and many other…more

| Commercial Law & Contracts, Real Estate - Commercial

Should Your Company Have a Shareholder Agreement?

Why do shareholders in a private company need a shareholder agreement? There are various good reasons. First, without a shareholder agreement which contains provisions dealing with share sales, any shareholder would be…more

| Commercial Law & Contracts, Securities Law

Colour-blind artist uses an implant to hear colour

A 31 year old artist named Neil Harbisson was born colour blind. He was born with achromatopsia, a rare condition limiting his vision to only black and white. Ten years ago, however, Harbisson began wearing an external…more


The use of medical reports at trial – Campbell v. Roberts

The use of a physician’s medical reports at trial has been a recurring topic in the Courts recently. One of the issues that has been the focus of recent judicial commentary concerns the use that can be made of medical reports…more

| Civil Procedure, Personal Injury

Should I Bring a Change of Venue Motion?

There has been some confusion in recent case law as to the proper test to be applied on a change of venue motion. It is clear that the starting point for where an action can be commenced is straightforward: the plaintiff can…more

| Civil Procedure

Auditors’ Liability to Third Parties: An emerging defence – Part I

Interesting policy issues arise when auditors of corporations whose management has fraudulently misrepresented the company’s financial statements find themselves defending claims brought on behalf of the corporation by entities…more

| Civil Procedure, Commercial Law & Contracts, Business Torts,...

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