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Calling on the Experts in Car Accident Litigation

According to the most recent statistics compiled by the Arizona Department of Transportation, there were a total of 103,637 motor vehicle accidents in 2012 resulting in the death of 738 people and injury to 33,475. If you are…more

| Personal Injury

Teenage Drivers: Age an Accurate Indicator of Accident Risks

In many instances, our preconceived notions and stereotypes simply don’t reflect reality. When it comes to teenage drivers, however, our perception of them as highly dangerous is unfortunately right on the money. Indeed, the…more

| Personal Injury

Pool Perils and Personal Injury

In Arizona, swimming pools are practically a necessity, providing people of all ages an opportunity to cool off, exercise and even to receive physical therapy. Unfortunately, pools themselves and their surrounding areas are…more

| Personal Injury

Arizona Cyclists Must Follow Rules of the Road

According to the most recent bicycle accident fact sheet published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 677 cyclists died after being hit by motor vehicles in 2011 and cycling accidents resulted in…more

| Personal Injury

Driveway Collisions: Common, Costly and Dangerous

Scottsdale was the scene of one of Arizona’s most recent driveway accidents, a frequent and frustrating occurrence in parking facilities across the state. In this collision, five professional baseball players suffered injuries…more

| Personal Injury

Hospitals Can Be Held Liable for Elder Abuse

This past July, the Arizona Court of Appeals in Phoenix ruled that a senior citizen who was abused by hospital staff could sue the hospital for violating Arizona's Adult Protective Services Act. The court analyzed two cases —…more

| Personal Injury, Professional Malpractice

What Are the Types of Medical Malpractice?

You hope your health care provider won’t make a mistake when you are under his or her care. You trust your doctor or nurse to know what is best for you. Phoenix medical malpractice lawyers understand that medical professionals…more

| Professional Malpractice

Another Child Killed by Pit Bulls

This past September, a 2 year-old special needs child from Gilbert, Arizona was killed after he and his baby sitter were caught in a fight among the baby sitter’s three pit bulls. The dogs apparently were distracted from their…more

| Personal Injury

Social Media Postings Can and Will Be Used Against You

A racecar driver claimed that he was seriously injured and that he lost the enjoyment of life following a racetrack accident. Opposing lawyers used the driver’s postings on Facebook, including photos of his trip to the Daytona…more

| Personal Injury

Finding Witnesses to Your Accident

Car accidents can leave you angry, confused, disoriented, and even unconscious. As a driver, it’s impossible to know what really happened during your accident. To make matters worse, loss of consciousness or head trauma can wipe…more

| Personal Injury

Using Your Smartphone at an Accident Scene

When you get into an accident, the one thing you might grab before leaving your vehicle is your phone. These days, it’s all you need to capture information from an accident scene until you are able to contact a Phoenix car…more

| Personal Injury

Fault in Multicar Pileups

Determining fault is the most important factor in a Phoenix multicar accident. Usually, blame rests on either the first car or the last car. It’s vital to have an officer respond in an accident like this, because the police…more

| Personal Injury

What to Do When the Other Driver’s Insurance Company Calls

After an accident, the insurance company representing the other driver attempts to contact you before you have a chance to obtain a Phoenix car accident attorney. It’s important to know what information the insurance agent is…more

| Personal Injury

What the Collateral Source Rule Means for You

Two bills have recently passed the Arizona state legislature modifying the application of the collateral source rule — a law that prevents a jury from considering outside payments or benefits when calculating its own award of…more

| Personal Injury

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