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I gave my car to my brother and now I'm ready to file bankruptcy. Wrong!

If you gave your car to your brother and think you're ready to file bankruptcy, you are about as wrong as wrong can be…more
| Bankruptcy

Retirement Plans Are Your Saving Grace in Bankruptcy

Why do I say retirement plans are your saving grace in bankruptcy? Because you can (almost always) keep all of the money in them if you file bankruptcy, not losing it to your creditors. Let's look as what that means for you…more
| Bankruptcy

File your taxes on time. That's an order!

OK, so I was kidding a bit, but not much. Notice that I didn't say that you needed to pay those taxes (maybe you can't), but you need to file them on time. The point is, in the event that later on you consider filing bankruptcy,…more
| Bankruptcy, Taxation

In bankruptcy, up is down and black is white!

I often tell clients that bankruptcy reverses everything, what's good becomes bad and vice versa. It's as if you've entered Alice's Looking-Glass world. Why do I say that? Let me count the reasons ……more
| Bankruptcy

Beware your credit union when filing bankruptcy!

Have you dealt with your local credit union for a long time and think they're your friend? If you're thinking about filing bankruptcy, you may be in for a surprise. Why do I say this? Let me count the reasons..…more
| Bankruptcy

Is a creditor suing you? Consider that a wake-up call.

Last week we looked at what actions you might take if a creditor sues you. Today we'll take a quick look at treating that lawsuit as a wake-up call…more
| Bankruptcy

A creditor is suing me! What should I do?

We'll take a look at what might happen if you do nothing when a creditor sues you, if you "answer" the lawsuit in a timely fashion, and if you file bankruptcy…more
| Bankruptcy

Should you avoid bankruptcy?

For many people, bankruptcy is something to be avoided at (almost) all costs. Is that a good policy for you to follow? Let's take a look…more
| Bankruptcy

I filed bankruptcy but forgot to list a debt I owe!

If you filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the one that gets rid of your debts quickly, but forgot to list a debt you owe, what happens? Will you have to pay that debt? Let's take a look..…more
| Bankruptcy

Financial problems, considering bankruptcy, feeling hopeless? Listen to Pete Seeger.

Pete Seeger, America's legendary folk singer and activist, died recently at age 94, leaving a legacy of song and hope. Arlo Guthrie, son of Woody Guthrie and a great folk singer in his own right, said of Pete Seeger, "He would…more
| Bankruptcy

Wait until you're sued to file bankruptcy, or file earlier?

Many people wait until they're sued by a creditor to file bankruptcy. After all, filing bankruptcy stops all creditor actions against you, including lawsuits. But if your financial life is "going South", should you wait that…more
| Bankruptcy

Tax refunds and bankruptcy. Do they go together?

Now that it's the year 2014, are you expecting a refund on your taxes for 2013? If so, are you also thinking about filing bankruptcy? Let's see how that might work…more
| Bankruptcy, Taxation

Protect your credit score or get out of debt through bankruptcy?

You've probably seen ads on TV boasting that your FICO credit score is included in that company's credit card statements. Is that important? Probably only to the credit card companies. Let's see why…more
| Bankruptcy

I filed bankruptcy before and now I need to file again!

I filed bankruptcy before and now I need to file again. Is there a problem with that? As with many questions, the short answer to that is "it depends". The following are the two issues to consider…more
| Bankruptcy

A moment to reflect at this 2013 holiday time

This holiday time is significant for people involved in certain spiritual practices, and not so much for other people. But for many people, regardless of religious or spiritual persuasion, it is also a time of coming together…more
| Bankruptcy
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