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You Should Know - January 2015

In This Issue: - Uber Popular - Ridesharing Risks - Uber Comes to Town - Excerpt from Be Aware of Safety Issues Before Hailing a Ride: To Uber or Not to Uber? Ridesharing Faces Controversy: With…more
| Consumer Protection

Getting the Best Medical Care: a Newsletter from Patrick Malone - December 2014

In This Issue: - Play It Safe: How To Choose The Right Toys - See It! Own It! Resist It! - Probing for Product Protection - Cross These Off Your List - Additional Resources - Excerpt from See It! Own…more
| Consumer Protection

You Should Know - December 2014

In This Issue: - Gaming Cheat Sheet - Tips for Parents - Best & Worst Games - Excerpt from Video Game Cheat Sheet for Parents: So Your Kids Want a Video Game. Now What? As entertainment…more
| Consumer Protection

"Damages" in an Injury Lawsuit: An Introduction for Lay People [Video]

Anyone who has survived a serious injury caused by someone else's fault wants to know what the legal system provides by way of hard dollars. In this video, attorney Alfred Clarke explains the different types of "damages" an…more
| Civil Remedies, Personal Injury, Products Liability, Professional Malpractice, Toxic Torts

Your Deposition: What to Expect [Video]

Depositions sound intimidating to any lay person involved in a civil lawsuit. Whether the case is about a personal injury, a commercial dispute, an employment issue or any other kind of claim that winds up in civil court, the…more
| Civil Procedure, Personal Injury, Products Liability, Professional Malpractice, Toxic Torts

Trial by Jury: Why It Matters in a Democratic Society [Video]

In the United States, there is only one time (apart from military draft in wartime) when our government can demand that we go somewhere and do something at a specific time and place. That is when we are called to jury duty…more
| Civil Remedies, Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Elections & Politics, Personal Injury

You Should Know - November 2014

In This Issue: - Hazard-free Holidays - Decorating Safely - Hosting a Safe Party - Excerpt from Hazard-free Holidays: Tis the season for everything holly, jolly, merry and bright. But…more
| Consumer Protection

Getting the Best Medical Care: a Newsletter from Patrick Malone - November 2014

In This Issue: - Time Equals Money - What Are They Talking About? - Medicare Is Not Free - The Period of "Open Enrollment" Might Be Limited - Get Additional Help - Excerpt from…more
| Consumer Protection, Health

Bringing a Lawsuit to Find Out What Happened and Why [Video]

When a traumatic event has happened to someone, what is the point of seeing a lawyer? One basic reason is to answer the questions of what happened, why it happened, and whether anyone is at fault. This is particularly true in…more
| Civil Rights, Personal Injury, Products Liability, Professional Malpractice

Subrogation: Piggyback Claims by Health Insurers in Injury Lawsuits [Video]

Injured people bringing lawsuits against whoever caused the harm need to know about "subrogation" claims. These are piggyback claims typically brought by a health insurer, seeking part of whatever the injury victim recovers by…more
| Personal Injury, Products Liability, Professional Malpractice

Who Can Sue the U.S. Government for Injuries? A Legal Primer [Video]

Anyone who is injured at a federal government facility - or injured anywhere in the United States by an employee of the U.S. government - needs to know about the Federal Tort Claims Act. This primer discusses who can and cannot…more
| Military Law, Personal Injury, Professional Malpractice

Why Secret Settlements of Injury Lawsuits Are Bad (for Everyone but the Defendant) [Video]

Confidentiality agreements at the end of injury lawsuits are commonplace, but often are bad for the injured person, and bad for the civil justice system, in ways that lawyers sometimes don't think through. When settling a case,…more
| Law Firm Marketing, Personal Injury, Products Liability, Professional Malpractice, Toxic Torts

You Should Know - October 2014

In This Issue: - Veterans Still Waiting - Five Errors to Avoid - Readers on Seventh Amendment - Excerpt from Five Common Errors to Avoid When Filing Claims: Backlog Improves, But Vets Still Struggle for…more
| Labor & Employment Law, Military Law

Ebola Patient's ER Discharge Was Classic Malpractice

New details have emerged about Ebola victim Thomas Duncan's first treatment at a Dallas hospital emergency room. High fever, severe pain, a recent trip from a foreign country: classic markers of a patient who needs to stay in…more
| Personal Injury

Getting the Best Medical Care: a Newsletter from Patrick Malone - October 2014

In This Issue: - Plan Early for End of Life - Advance Planning Leads to Better Care - Medicine Is Not Magic - Medicine as Part of the Problem - Design Your Plan of Action - The Four Big Questions -…more
| Wills, Trusts, & Estate Planning
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