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VC 23153(a)(b) Felony DUI w/Injury & VC 191.5 Vehicular Manslaughter w/Impairment Downey Court – People v. M.G.

Client arrested for felony DUI and vehicular manslaughter after being involved in a fatal collision with a pedestrian. After the investigation determined the victim was most likely attempting suicide by intentionally walking…more
| Criminal Law

PC 851.8 – Finding of Factual Innocence: Inglewood Court – People v. G.H

Client contacted our firm to expunge a 1979 conviction to misdemeanor DUI. Upon closer review, we learned our client was arrested for both VC 23152 (a)(b) DUI and PC 12020 felony possession of a dangerous weapon…more
| Criminal Law

PC 851.8 – Finding of Factual Innocence Compton Court – People v. J.R.

Client arrested for HS 11357(a) felony possession of concentrated cannibus. Los Angeles Sheriff deputies arrested our client despite finding him in possession of a valid physician's prescription…more
| Criminal Law

Obstructing or Delaying a Peace Officer

A news anchor with Fox News was arrested at an airport in Minnesota for the crime of obstructing the legal process/interfering with a peace officer. According to the Associated Press, airport police decided to arrest Gregg…more
| Criminal Law

Defending your second or third DUI Charge

California has some of the toughest DUI statutes and harshest penalties in the country. Multiple DUI convictions compound the potential punishments imposed by the California courts…more
| Criminal Law

Drug Crimes Defense

The severity of drug offense penalties vary depending on two factors, which are whether the intent to procure or actual possession of the substance was for personal use or for profit. While possession for personal use has been…more
| Criminal Law

Learn What You Should Do After Your California DUI Arrest

Take action to protect your rights - After you have been pulled over for a DUI, shock and fear can quickly take root. However, the actions you take in the moments and days following your arrest are crucial to your…more
| Criminal Law

Should I Go To Trial On My DUI Case?

Understanding burden of proof in the criminal court - To secure a conviction, the state must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If the prosecution fails to reach its burden of proof, jurors are instructed to come…more
| Criminal Law

How Breathalyzer Tests Affects Your DUI Case in California

After you were pulled over and before you were formally arrested, an officer likely asked you to blow into a handheld Breathalyzer®, which is referred to as a preliminary alcohol screening device or PAS device. How you responded…more
| Criminal Law

Defending Drug Sales and Distribution Charges

Possessing or transporting a controlled substance with the intent to sell or distribute is always a felony and is deemed ineligible for drug diversion. Conviction carries harsh sentences that include significant fines,…more
| Constitutional Law, Criminal Law

The Legal Process After Your First DUI Offense

Know your rights in the California criminal justice system - A DUI charge may be the first and only time you ever deal with the criminal justice system. An arrest is a frightening experience and your anticipation of the…more
| Criminal Law

California DMV Hearing

When you are arrested for a DUI, you face both an administrative suspension action from DMV and a separate criminal case. Each matter is heard independently in separate proceedings with their own sets of rules and procedures…more
| Criminal Law

Summary of California Ignition Interlock Device laws enacted in 2010

On July 1st, 2010, the California legislature implemented an ignition interlock device or IID pilot program to run through December 31st, 2015. The new legislation required all individuals convicted of 1st or repeat offense…more
| Criminal Law

Possession and Distribution Charges

Possession of a controlled substance is a crime under Health & Safety Code 11350. Furthermore, the controlled substance in question, along with one's prior criminal record can influence the severity of the offense and penalty…more
| Criminal Law

What You Can Do if the California DMV Has Suspended Your License

While the exploits and troubles of singer Bobby Brown have been well documented, his brother Tommy (who has appeared on the reality shows “Being Bobby Brown” and “The Houstons: On Our Own,” about his famous sibling and late…more
| Criminal Law
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