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Here's why Whistleblowing should be on your priority list

The G20 Say... "Priority number one: whistleblowing" - Whistleblower protection laws have been in place for over two decades in some countries. But it's only recently that affective laws and procedures have begun to be…more
| Civil Rights, Labor & Employment Law, International Law & Trade

The public is tired of governmental mismanagement

Let the elections begin - Ontario is deep in municipal election campaigns across the province. One issue without question within Ontario governments is the need to address an increasingly aged and inadequate public…more
| Construction Law, Elections & Politics

NFL needs to dust off that ol' Code of Conduct and reintroduce themselves

Who doesn't love football? NFL or CFL, when our favourite team runs onto the field, we start cheering at the television. Second on the headlines for us in BC is weather Travis Lulay will return to the BC Lions with yet another…more
| Art, Entertainment, & Sports Law, Commercial Law & Contracts

Canadian government vs. Ottawa think tank - a battle of bias

Classic case of they said, they said - Last year, the Canada Revenue Agency began auditing an Ottawa-based think tank, accusing the company of being “biased and one-sided.” Now, more than 400 academics are demanding they…more
| Commercial Law & Contracts, Taxation, Nonprofit Law

Four steps to manage your whistleblower complaints

How do you manage your whistleblower complaints? Getting employees to speak up when they see signs of wrongdoing is hard. Many employees struggle with initially "taking the plunge" (because that's how it may feel) for a…more
| Civil Rights, Labor & Employment Law

The ethics of "women only" catered businesses - gender discrimination

Can a business gender discriminate? Is that ethical? New York is what I call "taxi town". There's more taxis than personal cars. Much like London and their Black Cabs flying past in the opposite direction. NY offers…more
| Civil Rights, Communications & Media Law, Labor & Employment Law

Whistleblower Hotline: Internal vs. Outsourced

There's a lot to consider when getting ready to launch a whistleblower system. What policies and codes need to be developed to support the system? What types of reporting do you need? How do you measure success? And of course,…more
| Labor & Employment Law

Is China More Harsh on Whistleblowers than Fraudsters?

37-year-old Kun Huang, a Chinese-Canadian citizen, is finally returning to his home in Vancouver after spending the past two years in a Chinese jail. During his time there, he was briefly released on bail, but quickly rearrested…more
| Civil Rights, Labor & Employment Law, Energy & Utilities

Call Me... Maybe? - how to avoid being a phone fraud victim

According to a recent survey conducted by The Harris Poll, about 17.6 million Americans lost an estimated $.86 billion as a result of phone fraud – and that was just in the last year. That averages out to a loss of $489 per…more
| Commercial Law & Contracts, Communications & Media Law

Should internal whistleblowers be incentivized? To some degree yes!

Most employees who report wrongdoing internally do it because they believe something will be done about it. Most employees, who would potentially blow the whistle, feel that if their whistleblowing actions have a positive impact…more
| Commercial Law & Contracts, Labor & Employment Law

How not to submit a claim with the SEC: Use a whistleblower hotline instead

Some people will go to great lengths to claim they are entitled to a whistleblower reward based on evidence they have. I know, shocker right? An example of this is via a commission order, dated August 29, 2014, that…more
| Labor & Employment Law, International Law & Trade, Securities Law

How due diligence plays a role in anti-corruption compliance

With the increasing frequency and expanding scope of enforcement globally, organizations need to devote plenty of attention to anti-corruption due-diligence of third-parties that they engage. The value of due diligence is…more
| Commercial Law & Contracts, Labor & Employment Law, International Law & Trade

How to: another lesson on ethics and compliance to combat corruption

Earlier this month, Michael Brown, an unarmed black 18-year-old, was shot dead by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. While the law officials claim that the encounter was a result of provocation on Brown’s part, some…more
| Commercial Law & Contracts, Labor & Employment Law

How not to ignore ethics, in one simple lesson

Need a ride home? Obviously there's an app for that! Get out your smart phone, find your bookmarked app, and instantly get connected with a driver who will come pick you up from your current location, and drop you off…more
| Commercial Law & Contracts, Labor & Employment Law

How to deter American spies using typewriters and classical music

Here’s an interesting story. According to recent news, politicians in Germany are considering using manual typewriters and blasting classical music during their discussions about American intelligence in order to hinder…more
| Labor & Employment Law, Privacy, International Law & Trade
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