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Anti-SLAPP Law Does Not Protect Civil Extortion by Attorneys

Despite the prohibitions against doing so, some attorneys can’t resist throwing a threat of criminal action into their demand letters. They apparently think (if they give it any thought at all) that an express or veiled threat…more

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Miguel Mendoza v. Reed K. Hamzeh

Court Rules that Attorney's Demand Letter is Not Protected under Anti-SLAPP...

Following the prior decision of Flatley v. Mauro, the California Court of Appeal in Miguel Mendoza v. Reed K. Hamzeh finds that a demand letter from an attorney which threatens criminal prosecution is not protected under the…more

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Sharon Bell v. Igal Feibush

Opinion -- California Court of Appeal Permits Treble Damages for Failure to...

Court of Appeal affirmed trial court's determination that making a loan based on a false promise to repay amounted to theft by false pretense, and Penal Code 496 therefore applied, entitling the victim to recover treble damages…more

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Employee's Report to Human Resources is Protected by SLAPP Statute

Always remember when reviewing a complaint to see if it is a potential SLAPP that the anti-SLAPP statute is not only about speech, it includes the "freedom of petition for the right of grievances", or simply the right of…more

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Is Rush Limbaugh Facing a Claim for Defamation?

On Wednesday, during his radio show, Rush Limbaugh discussed a college student who had testified at a Congressional hearing, stating that she needed her birth control to be covered by the school's health insurance. Limbaugh…more

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Lawyers Still Ignorant of Communications Decency Act

There are still many attorneys making money representing clients on Internet defamation cases that can’t be won. They are either ignorant of the law, or ignoring it. My firm has been schooling others on the Communications…more

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Judge Upholds Termination Because "Lactation is not Pregnancy"

A judge in Houston has ruled in favor of an employer who allegedly fired a woman who wanted to use the bathroom to breast-pump. Title VII doesn’t say anything about lactation, so Judge Lynn Hughes found that the lawsuit was…more

| Civil Rights, Labor & Employment Law

District of Columbia Struggling With Anti-SLAPP Law

The District of Columbia instituted an anti-SLAPP procedure back in March but the judges are having a heck of a time figuring it out. Judge Rufus G. King III of the D.C. Superior Court got it right. A local television station…more

| Business Torts, Constitutional Law, Intellectual Property

Freemiums are a Great Law Firm Marketing Tool

Freemiums are a great way to promote a law firm. A potential client visits your blog and is greeted with an offer of an essential report for free. And why would you do that? Because you must capture the client’s email address…more

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