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Social Media (Not) for Zombies

Countless articles have been written about how professionals should strategically use social media to gain recognition and bring in business. But what about the completely mindless? You know—actual zombies. How would they use…more
| Law Firm Marketing

LinkedIn Publishing: A Little Too Free?

Everyone can be a publisher with LinkedIn’s web platform. But is that a good thing? Blogs and self-publishing venues have opened up audiences to anybody with a ­computer and a dream. Many new and ­talented authors have…more
| Communications & Media Law

Lawyers Need to Drop the Hard Sell

“Sales” is a dirty word at some law firms — one that brings to mind “Glengarry Glenn Ross” or a fast-talking used car dealer. But in an increasingly competitive marketplace, where firms fight one another to land work, business…more
| Law Firm Marketing

How to Make Clients Smile

We connect with our clients and contacts in many different ways — telephone calls, emails and by sharing on social networks. The quality of those interactions determines how we make our contacts feel. If we do it well, we make…more
| Law Firm Marketing

The Magic Bean Strategy Will Fail

“I’ve been on LinkedIn for five years, but nothing good has ever happened as a result.” That is repeated by at least one lawyer in every group I speak to about LinkedIn. I call this the “Magic Bean Strategy.”…more
| Law Firm Marketing

Of Soccer Balls and Social Media

What do lawyers and Pakistani factory workers have in common? More than you think. Especially when it comes to innovation…more
| Law Practice Products & Services, Law Firm Marketing

And an Associate Shall Lead Them …

There’s no point in connecting to the other lawyers in your firm on LinkedIn, right? I mean, you already know them. Wrong., the premier social network for professionals across the world, isn’t just about connecting…more
| Law Firm Marketing

How Law Firms Can Start Playing Like A Team Online

In my early days as a social media user I had a small network and, as a result, a small voice. I was like an iPhone speaker fighting to be heard in a stadium full of people. How did I find an audience? Very simple, I enlisted…more
| Law Firm Marketing

Do blogging lawyers leave law firms?

It was five years ago last month: I was visiting Minneapolis for the first time and I had just taken the train in from the airport to save money. I headed up to one of the top floors in one of the biggest buildings in the city…more
| Law Firm Marketing

5 Key Questions Lawyers Should Answer Each Year

Let’s face it, lawyers aren’t like other business people. There is a very simple reason for this, most business people are in business because they either like business or have an aptitude for business. Lawyers are different,…more
| Law Practice Products & Services, Law Firm Marketing

Keanu Reeves and the truth about sensational headlines

This past weekend I started a discussion online that became my most commented on discussion of all time. I received 83 total comments. Was it because I made some brilliant observation? Perhaps I asked the key question that…more
| Law Firm Marketing

I’m Under Attack, for Making Sharing Too Easy

In Robert Ambrogi’s latest blog post entitled “Pseudo Social Sharing Isn’t Smart, It’s Spam” he accuses me of creating software that prompts lawyers to spam their contacts. It isn’t true Bob, so let me have a chance to set the…more
| Law Firm Marketing

3 ways to know if your writing is hitting the mark

This morning my son asked, “Mom, can you write me a list of everything that bugs eat?” He’s only six, so he didn’t realize he was asking for a pretty long list. But his head was in the right place, he wanted to make sure that…more
| Law Firm Marketing

Have you ever hit a home run with a blog post?

“Once I launched my blog, the money just started pouring in,” said no one ever. In the United States we are all about the moment: The game winning catch in the super bowl; The winning putt in the Masters; And of course, the game…more
| Law Firm Marketing

Is Twitter dying? My response to @adamsmitheq

“It’s not you, it’s me.” This classic line has been used for years to let a soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend down easy. For the last few years, law firm use of LinkedIn has absolutely exploded. Yet Twitter usage is still in the…more
| Law Firm Marketing
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